This section reflects my love and passion for photojournalism, shooting in a more editorial style. It's a bit different than my other work, but hopefully you'll find it just as emotional and heartfelt. Because for me, no matter what I photograph, capturing honest & genuine moments remains at the heart of all I do.

Tonya Merke Photography

Howdy cowboys & girls! Welcome to the horse show at Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, WY. Saddle up and hold on! Here we go.

Magee Homestead and ROAR Wines recently paired up for an incredible evening of tasting, mixing and pairing. Both the food and the wine were made with love and shared over laughter. It was for sure, a good night on the ranch.

Welcome inside Indigo India. Where beautiful inks are hand-crafted. Patterns laid by butcher block, one press at a time. And the personal love and pride of all who work here, is transformed into beautiful fabrics, with each and every touch.

In November of 2017, I spent two months living and traveling through India. While on my journey's, I met some beautiful and amazing souls. Here are a few of the lovely people I met along the way.

Did I mention that I kinda love dogs?? Yeah, I really do. And next to shooting people in love, photographing our four-legged family members is my favorite! This passion began when I starting photographing my boy, Bodhi. (He's the handsome Chocolate Lab in the bunch.) Anyhow, there's something so magical and wonderful and funny and joyful about these four-legged guys, I can hardly stand it!! So don't forget to bring your pups along!!! They are always welcomed!! And good for cuddle breaks, too.

This is Moe. The heart and soul behind Detroit Shoe Repair. Located under Shed 4 at Detroit's Eastern Market. If you're ever in the D, please take a moment to stop by the shop and say hello. You'll be glad you did.