This section reflects my love and passion for street photography, shooting in a more editorial style. It's a bit different than my other work, but hopefully you'll find it just as emotional and heartfelt. Because for me, no matter what I photograph, capturing honest & genuine moments remains at the heart of all I do.

Tonya Merke Photography

In November of 2017, I spent two months living and traveling through India. While on my journey's, I met some beautiful and amazing souls. Here are a few of the lovely people I met along the way.

This is Moe. The heart and soul behind Detroit Shoe Repair. Located under Shed 4 at Detroit's Eastern Market. If you're ever in the D, please take a moment to stop by the shop and say hello. You'll be glad you did.

Did I mention that I kinda love dogs?? Yeah, probably like a hundred times already. Ha! But I really do. There's something magical that happens when you open your home and your heart to a dog. A bond is created unlike any other.