Capturing genuine moments, honest smiles and mad love,
in locations that feed your adventurous spirit.

Tonya Merke Photography



Do you prefer dirty hiking boots over heels? Sun on your face over indoor lighting? Yeah... me, too! So let's create the wedding of your dreams. In a location that makes you feel at home.


Dreaming of the perfect wedding getaway? Only the two of you? And of course, the officiant. Lets make it happen! And lets capture every beautiful moment of it. Whether it's in a courtroom or at the top of your favorite ridge.


Recently engaged? Celebrating an anniversary? Or maybe, you simply want to capture some super awesome moments with your wild, little family. Ok. Let's do it! And don't forget about your 4-legged pals. Pets are always welcomed!


How can it get much better than this when you're surrounded by the things you love most. What a wonderful and magical sunset session this was at Beavertail in Rhode Island. Thank you Lis, Jeff & Leo for such a fantastic night!


These two! That western Wyoming light! And that silly, hopping horse. What a beautiful afternoon with Becca and Garret.
I wish these two so much love and happiness in their upcoming marriage... but as you can see from the images,
these two overflow with love and happiness already!


Courthouse Magic


When planning your elopement, you may not think the courthouse as a top venue. But this cute couple turned that courthouse into magic on a cold February day in Chicago.



That Glow!


Something magical happens when you are alone with the one you love, surrounded by the warmth of nature. We come alive. Our hearts swell and our worries seem to disappear. We become fearless and believe in a beauty beyond understanding. Everything seems to make sense. And suddenly, our faces glow and our love deepens. For each other. And for all.



Couples in Love


Is there anything better than cuddling up close to the one you love? Or running around a magical forest of redwoods where the sun dips in every now and again to say hello? I think not. Yosemite doesn't disappoint. But you don't need to travel west to find that magic. Just get a little closer to your main squeeze and let the magic find you.



These Two!


Do these cute cats look familiar? If not, let me introduce you to Abbi & Callen Hearne. This series is from the Adventurers Workshop they hosted (with Maddie Mae) in Yosemite. Not only are they madly in love and ridiculously cute, but they are also the kindest folks out there. Oh, and yeah! They're vanlifers, aka: live in a van. #livingthedream!!!



City Vibes


Did you ever think that your little, old downtown could be such an amazing backdrop! There's incredible beauty in old brick, an open skyline, and of course a whole lotta love.



Fort Getty-up!

Jamestown, Rhode Island has some of the most beautiful inlets and coves and beaches. Like this lovely gem, Fort Getty. It's really one of my favorite spots. And when you add a crazy cute couple like these two, well, it's nearly impossible not to have fun!